1.Package A (Standard Cleaning)

what is included:

  • Pre inspection.
  • Pre Spray the area to be cleaned.
  • a standard wand deep hot water extraction steam cleaning.
  • The dirt and moisture empties into a holding tank removed from your home.

what is not included:

  • move furniture.
  • the areas to be cleaned is pre-vacuumed before we arrive.

2.Package B (Standard Green Cleaning)

what is included:

  • everything listed in the package A.
  • but use Green Seal® certified  green cleaning product to clean your carpet.
  • The product contains no volatile organic compounds.
  • no fragrance has been added.
  • It is odorless, user safe and environmentally friendly.

Carpet Cleaning Special Prices

Regular Cleaning Green Cleaning
Rooms Package A Package  B
up to 3 $135 $225
4 $165 $285
5 $195 $345
6 $225 $405
Stairs(Up to 13 steps) $45 $75
Additional Room $30 $60
Additional Hallway $25 $50
GreenGuard Protection $0.25 per square foot